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Highly Selective and Sensitive Colorimetric and Fluorimetric Sensor for Cu2+

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A newly designed fluorescent and colorimetric probe was synthesized and selective detection of cu2+ was successful in aqueous medium. The design strategy exhibited strongly fluorescent when binding with cu2+ based on the change in structure between spirocyclic to a non-cyclic form of rhodamine based dye. The UV visible spectra of probe (6GS2) exhibited three absorption peaks at 229, 309 and 530 nm respectively. The emission spectra of fluorescent probe exhibited wavelength at 550 nm. The peak intensity increases during the addition of copper ion to probe through n-π transition. The probe characterized by different techniques like NMR, absorption, emission, mass and test strips methods.


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Authors thank UGC and DST, New Delhi for financial support. DST- IRHPA, FIST, BRNS and PURSE for instrument facilities.

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Correspondence to Vediappen Padmini.

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Research Highlights

1. The sensor 6GS2 was synthesized by a simple method with high yield.

2. The sensor colorimetrically detects copper very easily in aqueous medium.

3. The probe was easily recognized copper compared to other metals.

4. The detection limit is 7.4x10-8M for copper in aqueous medium.

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