A Novel Switch on Optical Probe for Selective Sensing of Zn (II) Ion in Acetonitrile Medium: Spectroscopic and Computational Studies

  • Mahantesh Budri
  • Geeta Chimmalagi
  • Ganesh Naik
  • Shivaraj Patil
  • Kalagouda GudasiEmail author
  • Sanjeev Inamdar


An emerging research area in present days for the monitoring of trace metal ions is to design and synthesis of an efficient, economical and targeted metal ion/ions responsive sensors [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]. Chemosensors are the conjugated organic molecules, which upon interacting with analyte produce detectable optical responses [6]. Out of several available optical sensors, fluorescent chemosensors are getting considerable attention due to their intrinsic sensitivity, upfront application in real-time monitoring with their quick responses [7, 8]. In recent years, ‘Turn On’ fluorescence sensors are attracting much attention for monitoring the trace level metal ions in the environmental as well as biological processes [9, 10].

The development of optical chemosensors is mainly focusing on d block elements because of their essentiality in biological and environmental processes [11]. Any analytical technique or detection technique which are able to detect or quantify the essential or...


Optical probe Zn(II) ion ESIPT/ICT process Bioimaging Theoretical investigations 



The authors thank USIC, Karnatak University, Dharwad for electronic spectral analyses and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore for recording NMR spectra. Two of the authors (M. B. B and G. H. C.) are grateful to UGC for awarding a RFSMS fellowship.

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  • Geeta Chimmalagi
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  • Ganesh Naik
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  • Shivaraj Patil
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