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Controlling Fusion Yield in Tokamaks with Spin Polarized Fuel, and Feasibility Studies on the DIII-D Tokamak

  • D. C. Pace
  • M. J. Lanctot
  • G. L. Jackson
  • A. M. Sandorfi
  • S. P. Smith
  • X. Wei
Original Research


The march towards electricity production through tokamaks requires the construction of new facilities and the inevitable replacement of the previous generation. There are, however, research topics that are better suited to the existing tokamaks, areas of great potential that are not sufficiently mature for implementation in high power machines, and these provide strong support for a balanced policy that includes the redirection of existing programs. Spin polarized fusion, in which the nuclei of tokamak fuel particles are spin-aligned and favorably change both the fusion cross-section and the distribution of initial velocity vectors of charged fusion products, is described here as an example of a technological and physics topic that is ripe for development in a machine such as the DIII-D tokamak. Such research and development experiments may not be efficient at the ITER-scale, while the plasma performance, diagnostic access, and collaborative personnel available within the United States’ magnetic fusion research program, and at the DIII-D facility in particular, provide a unique opportunity to further fusion progress.


Spin polarized fusion Magnetic confinement fusion  Tokamak High temperature plasma diagnostics Fusion research policy 



This work was supported in part by General Atomics Internal Research and Development Funding and in part by the United States Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Physics Division, under contract DE-AC05-06OR23177 under which Jefferson Science Associates operates Jefferson Laboratory. The authors would like to thank J. D. King for his time in discussing analysis related to this manuscript.


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  • M. J. Lanctot
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  • G. L. Jackson
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  • A. M. Sandorfi
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  • S. P. Smith
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  • X. Wei
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  2. 2.Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator FacilityNewport NewsUSA

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