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Experimental Results for an Acoustic Driver for MTF

  • Michel LabergeEmail author
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General Fusion is planning to form an FRC or spheromak of 1017 cm−3, 100 eV, 40 cm diameter by merging two spheromaks with reverse or co-helicity. This target will be further compressed in a 3 m diameter tank filled with liquid PbLi with the plasma in the center. The tank is surrounded with pneumatically powered impact pistons that will send a convergent shock wave in the liquid to compress the plasma to 1020 cm−3, 10 keV, 4 cm diameter for 7 μs. General Fusion has built a 500 kJ, 80 μs, 6 GW pneumatic impact piston capable of developing 2 GPa (300 kpsi). In this paper we will present the performances achieved to date.


Magnetized target fusion Spheromak FRC Shock wave 

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