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A Rejoinder to Fischer and Tognazzini



In Otsuka (1998), I endorse an incompatibilist Principle of Avoidable Blame. In this rejoinder to Fischer and Tognazzini (2009), I defend this principle against their charge that it is vulnerable to Frankfurt-type counterexample.


Flicker of freedom Harry Frankfurt Frankfurt counterexample Free will Incompatibilism Moral responsibility Principle of Alternate Possibilities Principle of Avoidable Blame 



I am very grateful to John Fischer and Neal Tognazzini for their challenging, illuminating, and lucid critique. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank John in print for leading me down the path to becoming a philosopher by providing me with such a compelling introduction to the subject when I was an undergraduate, and he an assistant professor, at Yale in the mid-eighties. I thank Kieran Setiya and Karin Boxer for discussion of this critique that has informed my rejoinder and Pete Graham for comments on this rejoinder.


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