The artificial count of artifacts for thoracic ultrasound: what is the clinical usefulness?

  • Carla Maria Irene QuaratoEmail author
  • Mariapia Venuti
  • Marco Sperandeo
Letter to the Editor


Many works in the literature have shown that the increase in the number of B lines is a nonspecific sign of underlying pulmonary disease. Actually these artifacts are the result of a physical effect of ultrasound between the chest wall and the pulmonary air. Nevertheless the intra- and inter-operator variability in B-lines counting does not only reside only in the count itself but depends also on the type and frequency of the probe used, as well as the ultrasound scan machine setting and the patient’s chest shape. In our opinion, proposing a software algorithm to count lines B seems like an unproductive effort.


Transthoracic ultrasound Ultrasound artifacts B-lines Inter-observer reliability Intra-observer reliability 



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  2. 2.Department of Internal MedicineUnit of Interventional and Diagnostic Ultrasound of Internal Medicine, IRCCS Fondazione Casa Sollievo della SofferenzaSan Giovanni RotondoItaly

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