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Application of Gold(III) Acetate as a New Precursor for the Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles in PEG Through Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis

  • Mohammed Shariq
  • Peter Majerič
  • Bernd Friedrich
  • Bojan Budic
  • Darja Jenko
  • Amit Rai Dixit
  • Rebeka Rudolf
Original Paper


The present investigation reports the first-time successful synthesis of AuNPs using a new precursor salt of Au(III) acetate through USP. An aqueous solution of this salt was prepared with very limited solubility with H2O. HCl and HNO3 were then added separately to increase the solubility, resulting in a clear, yellowish solution. This enabled the successful formation of AuNPs with USP. In order to improve AuNPs synthesis, NaOH and Na2CO3 were added into the precursor to increase its pH (6–7). With such approach, it was possible to perform USP synthesis using varying concentrations of [Au] in the precursor. Evaporation and reaction temperatures (100 and 300 °C) of USP were chosen based on detected decomposition temperatures of Au(III) acetate with TGA-DT. TEM confirmed the presence of circular shaped, unagglomerated AuNPs having an Fm-3m space group with diameter range of 15–30 and circularity value range of 0.89–0.92. The UV–Vis spectroscopy showed absorbance peaks at 528 and 532 nm. ICP-MS indicated the highest concentration of AuNPs, 79 ppm, by the precursor with the lower initial concentration of [Au]. This could be due to the smallest sedimentation and turbulent losses of larger AuNPs in transport tubes and reaction USP zones.


Au(III) acetate Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis Gold nanoparticles Insolubility Circular Unagglomerated 



Gold nanoparticles


Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis

Au(III) acetate

Gold(III) acetate


Thermal gravimetric analysis—differential thermal


Metal oxide powder


Transmission electron microscopy


Ultraviolet visible


Surface plasmon resonance


Polyethylene glycol




Bovine serum albumin


Weight percent


Reticuloendothelial system


Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy


Dynamic light scattering


Face centered cubic


Optical emission spectroscopy with inductively coupled plasma mass


Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy


Standard deviation


Femto gram (10−15)



The study was supported by the European Union—Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Lot 13 Euphrates Program and Slovenian Research Agency ARRS Slovenia (P2-120 and Martina Program). Many thanks to Dr.Vanja Kokol, Dr. Irena Ban and Mrs. Vera Vivod for helping in the UV–Vis spectroscopy, TGA and FTIR analysis.

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All the authors declared that there is no conflict of interest.


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  • Bojan Budic
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