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Influence of the Lanthanide Ion and Solution Conditions on Formation of Lanthanide Wells–Dawson Polyoxotungstates

  • Cheng Zhang
  • Laurence Bensaid
  • Donna McGregor
  • Xikui Fang
  • Robertha C. Howell
  • Benjamin Burton-Pye
  • Qunhui Luo
  • Louis Todaro
  • Lynn C. FrancesconiEmail author


Lanthanide complexes of polyoxometalates, including the α2-P2W17O61 10− ligand, have been pioneered by Michael T. Pope, to whom this paper is dedicated. Examination of the solid-state and solution behavior of lanthanide complexes of the α2-P2W17O61 10− ligand are reported here to identify trends that will facilitate rational synthesis of hybrid organic lanthanide polyoxometalate complexes. Therefore, combining our data with that obtained by Pope and others a number of trends come into view. It is clear that there are two structural types for the 1:1 or 2:2 [Ln(H2O)X2-P2W17O61)]2 14− species. The early lanthanides show a “cap to cap” structure that allows the Ln ion to be 9 coordinate and accommodates the longer bond lengths. The mid-late lanthanides show a “cap to belt” structure that allows the lanthanides to be 8 coordinate; this structural type is appropriate for the shorter bond lengths of the later lanthanides. The 1:1⇌1:2 equilibrium, that was observed by Pope for the Ce(III) analog is prevalent for the early- mid lanthanides. This equilibrium is slightly dependent on pH; however, cations have a major influence on this equilibrium. Larger, poorly hydrated cations appear to favor the 1:2 species for the early to mid lanthanides. Cations do not appear to influence the equilibrium for the later lanthanides; for all counterions, the 1:1 species was stable with no trace of the 1:2 species. Stability constants, K1 and K2, for the early to mid lanthanides were measured in this study by a competitive method and compared well with other published stability constant determinations. We suggest that the stability constants are not only dependent on the strength of interaction of the Ln with the α2-P2W17O61 10− ligand, but are also significantly influenced by the medium. The medium may bias the equilibria of the early-mid lanthanides and later lanthanides. The log K1/log K2 ratios are very close, suggesting that it is difficult to separate the 1:1 and 1:2 Ln: α2-P2W17O61 10− species.


Polyoxometalate lanthanide α2-P2W17O6110− 



We acknowledge the following sources of support for this research: NSF Grant No. CHE 0414218, NIH-S06 GM60654 (SCORE), the Faculty Research Award Program of the City University of New York, Eugene Lang Faculty Development Award, (LCF), the Gertrude Elion Fellowship and Rose Kefar Rose Dissertation Award (CZ); and NSF Grant MRI0116244 for the purchase of an X-ray Diffractometer (LCF). Research Infrastructure at Hunter College is partially supported by NIH-Research Centers in Minority Institutions Grant RR03037–08.

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  • Cheng Zhang
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  • Laurence Bensaid
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  • Donna McGregor
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  • Xikui Fang
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  • Robertha C. Howell
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  • Benjamin Burton-Pye
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  • Qunhui Luo
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  • Louis Todaro
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  • Lynn C. Francesconi
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  1. 1.Department of ChemistryHunter College and the Graduate School of the City University of New YorkNew YorkUSA
  2. 2.Department of ChemistryEmory UniversityAtlantaUSA

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