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Honouring Brian F. G. Johnson FRS, FRSE, FRSC, F. Acad. Europa

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Brian F. G. Johnson was born in 1938 in Northampton, England. He completed his PhD at the University of Nottingham for work under the direction of Professor C. C. Addison in 1963. He then went to M.I.T. for a year on a Fulbright Scholarship to work with Professor F. A. Cotton where he crystallized K2[Re2Cl8]·2H2O, the first compound to contain a metal–metal quadruple bond. He then returned to the UK, first at the University of Manchester as a post-doctoral fellow with Jack Lewis in 1964 and later at University College, London (1967–70). He moved to Cambridge with Jack Lewis in 1970 where he was elected Fellow of Fitzwilliam College and lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry. He was then promoted to Reader in 1978. At Fitzwilliam, he served as College Steward (1972–77), Admissions Tutor (1978), Dean (1986–1988), President (1988–89) and from 1989–91 served as Acting Master. He succeeded Professor Evelyn Ebsworth at Edinburgh in 1990, as the Crum Brown Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, where he...


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