Emission inventory of anthropogenic air pollutant sources and characteristics of VOCs species in Sichuan Province, China

  • Zihang ZhouEmail author
  • Qinwen Tan
  • Ye Deng
  • Keying Wu
  • Xinyue Yang
  • Xiaoling Zhou


The purpose of this paper is to develop an emission inventory of anthropogenic air pollutants and VOCs species in Sichuan Province. Based on the anthropogenic source activity data collected in different cities of Sichuan Province and the selected emission factors, the 1 km × 1 km gridded atmospheric air pollutant emission inventory of 2015 was developed in the “bottom-up” and “top-down” approaches with the GIS technology. The results showed that the emissions of SO2, NOX, CO, PM10, PM2.5, BC, OC, VOCs and NH3 from anthropogenic sources in Sichuan Province were 444.9 kt, 820.0 kt, 3773.1 kt, 1371.6 kt, 537.5 kt, 28.7 kt, 53.1 kt, 923.6 kt and 988.0 kt, respectively. Power plants and other industrial combustion boilers contributed more than 95% of SO2 emission. Transportation, fossil fuel burning and industrial process contributed 54%, 23% and 20% of NOx emission respectively. Industrial process dominated by steel production and building material manufacturing contributed 20% of PM10 emission and 34% of PM2.5 emission. Fugitive dust dominated by road fugitive dust contributed 60% of PM10 emission and 35% of PM2.5 emission respectively. Biomass burning contributed 33% of BC emission and 51% of OC emission respectively. Solvent use of mechanical processing, building decoration, electronic equipment manufacturing, printing and furniture industry contributed 46% of VOCs emission. NH3 mainly came from the emission of agricultural sectors, such as livestock breeding and N-fertilizer application, which contributed 70% and 25% of NH3 emission respectively. The percentage of alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, aromatics, OVOCs, halohydrocarbons and other VOCs in the total VOCs emission were 17%, 9%, 2%, 23%, 22%, 4% and 23%, respectively. Ethene, m-xylene, toluene, propene, formaldehyde, o-xylene, 1, 2, 4-trimethyl benzene, 1-butene, p-xylene and ethyl benzene were the most critical chemical species for the formation of ozone pollution in Sichuan Province contributing 50% of the total OFP. Various air pollutants and OFP were mainly distributed in places with the densest population and well-developed agriculture and industry in Sichuan Basin and some areas of Panzhihua. The Chengdu Plain urban agglomerations, represented by Chengdu, Deyang and Mianyang, were the main areas with concentrated pollutant emissions in Sichuan Basin.


Emission inventory Anthropogenic sources Sichuan Province Air pollutant Emission characteristics Spatial distribution 



This work was supported by the National Key R&D Program (2016YFC0201506) and the Special Project for Atmospheric Quality Research of Chengdu(2016KY004).


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