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Comparison of collection methods to determine atmospheric deposition in a rural Mediterranean site (NE Spain)

  • Rebeca IzquierdoEmail author
  • Anna Avila


Wet-only, dry-only, bulk deposition and deposition of sedimentary particles and gases deposited after the last rain (DAR) were collected weekly at La Castanya station in the Montseny mountains (NE Spain, 41°46′N, 2°21′E) from February 2009 to July 2010. These samples were analysed for pH, alkalinity, and the concentrations of major ions (Cl, NO3 , SO4 2−, Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+, NH4 +). Significant differences were observed between bulk and wet-only precipitation, with an enrichment of ions associated to coarse particles in bulk deposition. The comparison between wet and dry fluxes revealed that the removal of compounds at Montseny occurred mainly by wet deposition, which accounted for 74 % of total deposition. The dry flux was characterised by the predominance of K+, Ca2+ and Mg2+, which are related to coarse particles. Bulk collection methods at Montseny were considered representative of total atmospheric deposition, since bulk deposition plus DAR accounted for 97 % of total deposition measured with wet and dry-only collection devices. Thus, bulk deposition collectors can be recommended for deposition networks at remote sites (lacking electricity connection) in environments, where coarse particles are a predominant fraction of the aerosol mass.


Atmospheric input Bulk deposition Wet deposition Dry deposition Precipitation chemistry Mediterranean region 



We acknowledge the financial support from the Spanish Government (CGL2005-07543-CLI, CGL2009-13188-C03-01, CSD2008-00040-Consolider Montes grants and the “Subprograma MICINN-PTA” funded by the European Social Fund). Thanks are due to Evan Marks for comments on the manuscript.


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