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Close-Up and Genomic Views of the Yeast Vacuolar H+-ATPase



The yeast V-ATPase has emerged as an excellent model for other eukaryotic V-ATPases. In this review, recent biochemical and genomic studies of the yeast V-ATPase are described, with a focus on: 1) the role of V1 subunit H in coupling ATP hydrolysis and proton pumping and 2) identification of the full set of yeast haploid deletion mutants that exhibit the pH and calcium-sensitive growth characteristic of loss of V-ATPase activity. The combination of “close-up” biochemical views of V-ATPase structure and mechanism and “geomic” views of its functional reach promises to provide new insights into the physiological of V-ATPases.

Key Words

vacuole yeast ATPase proton pump genomic 


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