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Combined automated NOE assignment and structure calculation with CYANA

  • Peter GüntertEmail author
  • Lena Buchner


The automated assignment of NOESY cross peaks has become a fundamental technique for NMR protein structure analysis. A widely used algorithm for this purpose is implemented in the program CYANA. It has been used for a large number of structure determinations of proteins in solution but was so far not described in full detail. In this paper we present a complete description of the CYANA implementation of automated NOESY assignment, which differs extensively from its predecessor CANDID by the use of a consistent probabilistic treatment, and we discuss its performance in the second round of the critical assessment of structure determination by NMR.


Automated assignment NOESY Distance restraints Structure calculation CYANA CASD-NMR 



We gratefully acknowledge financial support by the Lichtenberg program of the Volkswagen Foundation and a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).


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  2. 2.Laboratory of Physical ChemistryETH ZürichZurichSwitzerland
  3. 3.Graduate School of ScienceTokyo Metropolitan UniversityHachiojiJapan

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