Corrosion degradation and prevention by surface modification of biometallic materials

  • Raghuvir Singh
  • Narendra B. DahotreEmail author


Metals, in addition to ceramics and polymers, are important class of materials considered for replacement of non-functional parts in the body. Stainless steel 316, titanium and titanium alloys, Co–Cr, and nitinol shape memory alloys are the most frequently used metallic materials. These alloys are prone to corrosion in various extents. This review briefly discusses the important biomaterials, their properties, and the physiological environment to which these materials are exposed. Corrosion performance of currently used metallic materials has been assessed and threat to the biocompatibility from corrosion products/metal ions is discussed. The possible preventive measures to improve corrosion resistance by surface modification and to increase the bioactivity of the metallic surfaces have also been discussed. Importance of the formation of oxide layers on the metal surface, another aspect of corrosion process, has been correlated with the host response. The gap areas and future direction of research are also outlined in the paper.


Corrosion Resistance Titanium Alloy Simulated Body Fluid Passive Film Artificial Saliva 
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Raghuvir Singh would like to sincerely acknowledge the financial assistance provided by the Government of India, Department of Science & Technology, for his visit (February 15, 2004 – February 14, 2005) to the University of Tennessee under the BOYSCAST fellowship program. He would also like to thank the Director of the National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur, India for deputing him under this program.


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