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Facile synthesis, characterization and intensity-dependent nonlinear absorption of Ni-doped (γ and β)-BaB2O4 nanostructures


Intensity-dependent nonlinear optical absorption and optical limiting behavior of Ni2+-doped (γ and β)-BaB2O4 nanostructures were examined by open-aperture Z-scan technique under nanosecond pulsed green laser excitation. Observation of reverse saturable absorption (RSA) with variation in nonlinear absorption coefficient as function of on-axis peak intensity ascertains the presence of sequential 2PA process (1PA + ESA). Due to the introduced near-resonant energy state through incorporation of Ni2+ ions, the material exhibits excited state absorption (ESA). Here, the observed sequential 2PA in Ni2+-doped γ-BaB2O4 involves the 1T1g(G) states of 3d8–3d8 and 1T1g(D) states of Ni2+, while Ni-doped β-BaB2O4 undergoes the electronic transition involving intraionic 3d8–3d8 transition of Ni2+ and self-trapped excitonic state of BBO. Interestingly, as the dopant concentration and on-axis intensity increased, 2PA coefficient was found to be increased. 0.05 M Ni2+-doped β-BaB2O4 nanostructures possess higher 2PA coefficient (2.31 × 10−10 m/W) and lower onset limiting threshold (0.79 × 1012 W/m2), which makes it a promising candidate for optical limiting applications. The result suggests that band structure tunability to induce excited state absorption with enhanced nonlinear absorption coefficient is possible through Ni doping in β-BaB2O4 nanostructures.

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Author T.C.S acknowledges the CSIR, India [03(1375)/16/EMR-II] for providing financial support to carry out this research work. Author M.A is thankful to the Deanship of Scientific Research at King Khalid University for funding this work through the Research Group Project under Grant Number R. G. P. 2/60/40.

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