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The photoluminescence adjustment of red phosphors ANaWO2F4:Mn4+ (A = Li, Na, K) by suitable tolerance factor designing


Mn4+-activated perovskite-structured ANaWO2F4 (A = Li, Na, K) red phosphors were successfully prepared by a facile co-precipitation method. By changing the A-site ions, the tolerance factor (t) of host material ANaWO2F4 became adjustable. Red emissions in LiNaWO2F4:Mn4+, Na2WO2F4:Mn4+ and KNaWO2F4:Mn4+ were found to be gradually increased. The relationship between the structure and their photoluminescence properties was discussed. The results suggested that a t-dependent photoluminescence behavior may exist in perovskite-structured phosphors. As the tolerance factor increases, the emission intensity of ANaWO2F4 (A = Li, Na, K) red phosphors increases. This work also provides a reference for the exploration and optimization of Mn4+-activated perovskite-structured red phosphors.

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Meiqing Hu and Zhifu Liu have equally contributed to this work. This work is financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (Grant Nos. 51672177, 51902203, 61605115), Program of Shanghai Academic/Technology Research Leader (19XD1434700).

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