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Crystal growth, optical bandgap, thermal, mechanical, dielectric studies on NLO active semiorganic 4-dimethylaminopyridine sodium chloride crystal for frequency conversion

  • J. JohnsonEmail author
  • R. Srineevasan
  • D. Sivavishnu


4-Dimethylaminopyridine sodium chloride crystal (4-DMAPNC) was synthesized by slow evaporation solution growth technique. Grown as- 4-DMAPNC crystal was subjected to various studies in order to understand its physiochemical properties. The crystalline nature and orthorhombic crystal system and cell parameters values a = 6. 852, b = 7.290, c = 11.073 with volume V = 553 Å3 were identified from powder and single crystal XRD studies. FTIR spectroscopy study confirms the presence of various modes vibrations available in the 4-DMAPNC sample. Linear optical studies show the lower cutoff wavelength of 194 nm with optical bandgap value (Eg) of 6.22 eV. Extinction coefficients (K), reflectance (R) and refractive index (n0 = 1.44) are calculated in addition for better understanding the optical behavior of the 4-DMAPNC crystal. TGA and DTA curve shows that the material thermally stable up to 128 °C. The electrical behavior of the 4-DMAPNC crystal was studied using dielectric studies. The Vickers hardness study shows the reveres indentation size effect (RISH) and belongs to soft category one. EDAX analysis was carried out and confirms the presence of metal sodium in the title compound. The second nonlinear optical (NLO) behavior of 4-DMAPNC crystal was measured using Kurtz-Perry powder techniques and found to be 0.5 than that of reference KDP.



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