Synthesis flower-like BiVO4/BiOI core/shell heterostructure photocatalyst for tetracycline degradation under visible-light irradiation

  • Yongyang Chen
  • Yonggang Liu
  • Xin Xie
  • Chen Li
  • Yushan Si
  • Menghan Zhang
  • Qishe YanEmail author


A series of flower-like BiVO4/BiOI core/shell composites were synthesized by depositing BiOI irregular nanosheets on the surface of sphere-like BiVO4 particles via an in situ precipitation method. Tetracycline was selected to evaluate the photocatalytic activity under visible-light irradiation. The samples were characterized by series measurements, which the SEM and TEM results showed that the flower-like BiVO4/BiOI photocatalysts were fabricated. The BiVO4/BiOI (V: I = 0.1) composite exhibited the highest excellent photocatalytic activity and superior adsorption capability. The results could be ascribed to the p–n junction, close core/shell heterostructure and high specific surface area, which promoted the separation and transfer of photogenerated electron–hole pairs. In addition, the radical trapping experiments revealed that the O2 and h+ were the main active species to the photodegradation of tetracycline in the system. This work provides a simple method to design the core/shell structure photocatalysts with excellent photocatalytic performance and adsorption capability for removal antibiotic pollutants.



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