Synthesis and luminescence properties of orange–red-emitting Ca9La(VO4)7:Sm3+ phosphors co-doped with alkali metal ions

  • Mingfeng Dai
  • Kehui QiuEmail author
  • Peicong Zhang
  • Wentao Zhang


Orange–red-emitting phosphors Ca9La(VO4)7:Sm3+ and Ca9La(VO4)7:Sm3+,M+ (M+ = Li+, Na+, and K+) were synthesized by the combustion method. Their crystal structure, microstructure, luminescence properties, and decay performance were investigated in detail. The results revealed that the as-prepared samples were crystallized in a trigonal structure (space group of R3c, No. 161). Under 405-nm excitation, the Ca9La(VO4)7:Sm3+ phosphor exhibited excellent orange–red emission. The Sm3+ ions were quenched at 0.02 equivalents by electric dipole–dipole interactions. After the introduction of alkali metal ions Li+, Na+, and K+, the luminescence properties of the Ca9La(VO4)7:Sm3+ samples were noticeably enhanced, particularly those of that co-doped with Li+. The chromaticity coordinates of Ca9La(VO4)7:0.02Sm3+, 0.02Li+ and Ca9La(VO4)7:0.02Sm3+ were (0.610, 0.390) and (0.604, 0.395), respectively, close to those of the commercial red phosphor Y2O2S:Eu3+ (0.622, 0.351). The results suggested that the Ca9La(VO4)7:0.02Sm3+, 0.02Li+ phosphor may serve as an orange–red emitter for applications in white light-emitting diodes excited by near-ultraviolet radiation.



This work was supported by the Key Scientific and Technological Research and Development Program (Grant Nos. 2017GZ0400 and 2015SZ0196) and the project of the CDUT utilization of rare earth resource and new materials innovation team (Grant No. 10912-kytd201506).


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  • Kehui Qiu
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