The effect of Ce–Co substitution on the structural and the electromagnetic properties of barium hexaferrite

  • İsa ArazEmail author


Ce–Co substituted, barium hexaferrite with the chemical composition of Ba0.5Ce0.5Fe11CoO19 was prepared by using the ceramic technique. The structural properties of the Ce–Co substituted, barium hexaferrite was investigated using X-ray diffractometer. The magnetic hysteresis loop of the sample was characterized by vibrating sample magnetometry. In order to identify the surface morphology of the sample, field emission scanning electron microscopy was used. Using the transmission/reflection coaxial line method in the range of 2–18 GHz, the complex permeability and complex permittivity, the reflection loss (RL) properties, absorption loss and shielding effectiveness of the prepared composition were determined. The maximum RL value of − 31.4 dB at 11.4 GHz with a 3 mm thickness sample was obtained and the maximum shielding effectiveness value was observed around 59.2 dB.



The author would like to acknowledge Gebze Technical University for support vector network analyzer. The author would also like to thank TUBITAK UME, Magnetic Lab for providing insfrastracture.


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