Structural, optical, magnetic and electrical properties of perovskite Sr1−xWxTiO3 (x = 0.01 and 0.03) prepared by SSR method ceramics

  • G. Saravanan
  • E. Padmini
  • K. RamachandranEmail author


Tungsten doped with various concentrations (0, 1, and 3%) of strontium titanate ceramic sample was synthesized by a conventional solid state reaction method. The structural phase formation was examined by powder XRD technique and it revealed a single phase cubic perovskite structure of strontium titanate ceramic. The functional group and metal oxide chemical bonding of vibrations were seen to be present in the prepared ceramic samples and it was examined by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. The cubic perovskite structure formation and internal disorder parameter of the ceramic compounds were investigated by Raman spectrum. The surface morphology of the prepared ceramic sample was irregular, and its grain size was seen to be reduced, which was investigated by FESEM analysis. It was identified that UV–Visible Diffuse Reflectance Spectra revealed that the absorption for maximum level decreases with the doped ceramic sample. The elemental distribution of the chemical composites of doped ceramic sample was identified by EDX analysis. Dielectric constant was measured to be very low but conductivity level was good as the existence of low concentration defect and space charge polarization were present due to high dielectric constant at lower frequency.



The authors convey their heart felt gratitude to the Nano Technology Research Centre in SRM University. The authors also would like to express their sincere thanks to IIT Madras, Novocontrol technology CIF in Pondicherry University and Loyala College for granting permission to take VSM studies, Raman spectrum, FTIR, UV–Vis and broad band dielectric/impedance spectrometer studies related to instrumentation facility.


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  1. 1.Department of Physics, Faculty of Engineering and TechnologySRM Institute of Science and TechnologyChennaiIndia

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