Interatomic chemical bonding and charge correlation of optical, magnetic and dielectric properties of La1−xSrxFeO3 multiferroics synthesized by solid- state reaction method

  • G. GowriEmail author
  • R. Saravanan
  • S. Sasikumar
  • M. Nandhakumar
  • R. Ragasudha


Strontium (Sr) substituted LaFeO3 (La1−xSrxFeO3) (x = 0.05, 0.10, 0.15 and 0.20) multiferroics were synthesized by the conventional high temperature solid-state reaction method. The X-ray diffraction was used to analyze the phase formation and purity of La1−xSrxFeO3 multiferroics. The X-ray diffraction patterns confirm that all the samples are monophasic with orthorhombic structure. The charge density distribution and the interatomic chemical bonding between the neighbouring atoms in the unit cell were examined using the structure factors obtained through the refinement process. SEM micrographs were used to observe the surface morphology and to determine the average particle size. UV–Vis spectrographs and magnetic hysteresis (M–H) loops from magnetic measurements were exploited to investigate the optical and magnetic behavior of the samples. The magnetic hysteresis loops indicate that the prepared La1−xSrxFeO3 multiferroics exhibit ferromagnetic behavior. Ferromagnetism was observed to be relatively prominent for x = 0.05 sample, with high values of magnetic parameters such as Ms, Mr, and HC as 2.4 emu/g, 1.12 emu/g, and 1616 G respectively. The dielectric measurements indicate that the sample with Sr content x = 0.05, attains the giant value of dielectric constant of about 2.3 × 105 and ac conductivity of about 0.2 Ω−1m−1 when compared to the other samples. The optical, magnetic and dielectric properties of La1−xSrxFeO3 multiferroics have been examined and also have been correlated with the charge, bonding nature and the spin of the constituent ions which has not been explored in open literature so far.


XRD Charge density Ferromagnetism Dielectric constant AC conductivity 



The authors acknowledge Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility (SAIF), Cochin University, India, for their help in the collection of powder X-ray diffraction data, UV–Visible spectra and SEM micrographs. Also, the authors thank Gandhigram rural university, Dindugal, Tamilnadu, India for EDS measurements. The authors acknowledge SAIF, IIT Madras, Chennai, India, for the VSM measurements. The authors would like to acknowledge Abraham Panampara Research Center (APRC), Sacred Heart College, Vellore, Tamilnadu, India for dielectric measurements. The authorities of The Madura College, Madurai-625 011, Tamilnadu, India are gratefully acknowledged for their constant encouragement of the research activities of the authors.


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