Novel tin disulfide/graphene photoelectrochemical photodetector based on solid-state electrolytes and its performances

  • Hui Qiao
  • Xinhang Chen
  • Bo Wang
  • Zongyu HuangEmail author
  • Xiang Qi


Tin disulfide/graphene composites were successfully synthesized by one-step hydrothermal method. A novel SnS2/graphene solid-state photoelectrochemical photodetector with the advantages of small size, light weight, easy portability, and easy storage was successfully constructed based on solid-state electrolytes. The SnS2/graphene composites with pleated flower-like structure were characterized by scanning electron microscope characterization. At the same time, X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy were carried out to confirm the composition and inherent physical properties of SnS2/graphene. Photoelectrochemical tests show that the SnS2/graphene solid-state photoelectrochemical photodetector has excellent photoresponse characteristics, and its photocurrent density is about 9 nA/cm2 under sunlight irradiation without additional power. In addition, the SnS2/graphene solid-state photoelectrochemical photodetector exhibits a good stability and the photocurrent density is only slightly attenuated (77% of the initial value) after 2000 s (50 cycles). Experimental results that SnS2/graphene solid-state photoelectrochemical photodetector is a potential new type self-powered photodetector. We believe that solid-state electrolytes with the advantages of small size, light weight, easy portability, and easy storage can be extended to other fields, such as solar cells, and supercapacitors.



This work was supported by the Grants from National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 11504312), Science and Technology Program of Xiangtan (No. CXY-ZD20172002), as well as the Program for Changjiang Scholars and Innovative Research Team in University (IRT_17R91).

Compliance with ethical standards

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There is no conflict of interest between all authors.


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  1. 1.Hunan Key Laboratory for Micro-Nano Energy Materials and Devices, and School of Physics and OptoelectronicXiangtan UniversityHunanPeople’s Republic of China

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