Core–shell NiCo2O4@ZnWO4 nanosheets arrays electrode material deposited at carbon-cloth for flexible electrochemical supercapacitors

  • Kaihua Zhang
  • Liyang LinEmail author
  • Shahid HussainEmail author
  • Song Han


Three dimensional (3D) hierarchical NiCo2O4 nanosheet arrays (NSAs)@ZnWO4 nanoflakes (NFs) core–shell structures have been successfully grown on a carbon cloth (CC) using two-step hydrothermal approach, following a heat treatment route. Compared with the pure CC@NiCo2O4 NSAs electrode, the binder-free CC@NiCo2O4@ZnWO4 hybrid system gives rise to a higher specific capacitance of 872.0 Fg−1 at a low current density of 1 Ag−1 and 791.1 Fg−1 at a quite high current density of 20 Ag−1, and retains ~ 92.9% of the initial capacitance even after 5000 cycles of charge and discharge. The excellent electrochemical performance of CC@NiCo2O4@ZnWO4 electrode is attributed to its high specific surface area of the 3D structures, fast electron transport property of NiCo2O4 material as the skeleton, and the synergistic effect between NiCo2O4 and ZnWO4 materials, demonstrating that CC supported NiCo2O4 NSAs@ZnWO4 NFs composite as the high-performance electrode materials are highly desirable for the application of flexible supercapacitors.



This work was supported in part by National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 11332013, 11272364, 11372104, 11372363, 5121543, and 21503025), Chongqing Research Program of Basic Research and Frontier Technology (No. cstc2016jcyjA0366), Students Research Training Program of Chongqing University (No. 2016408).


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  2. 2.School of Materials Science and Engineering, Jiangsu UniversityJiangsuChina

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