Investigation of electrical, dielectric and microwave properties of double substituted M-type Ba(1−2x)LaxNaxFe10Co0.5TiMn0.5O19 hexaferrite

  • Amit Arora
  • Sukhleen Bindra NarangEmail author


M-type Barium Hexaferrite Ba(1−2x)LaxNaxFe10Co0.5TiMn0.5O19 (x = 0.00–0.25 in steps of 0.05) samples have been synthesized by means of solid state reaction technique. The average crystallite size was depicted in 60.8–81.9 nm range from XRD analysis. High precision impedance analyzer was used in 10 kHz–1 MHz depicts an increase in AC conductivity and increase in dielectric parameters (ε′ and ε″) of the samples with an increase in the frequency of the applied signal as well as substitution amount (x). Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) measurement in X-band frequencies give the dielectric constant values in 5.5–7.1 and dielectric loss values in 0.01–1.2 range. The values of magnetic permeability and magnetic loss lies in 1.08–1.5 and 0.0–0.5 range respectively. The occurrence of peaks in reflection loss (RL) plots is observed at those frequencies where there exists an impedance matching between free space and sample material. The reflection loss of the sample Ba0.9La0.05Na0.05Fe10Co0.5TiMn0.5O19 is observed to be maximum amongst all the samples with a value of − 35.43 dB and − 10 dB bandwidth of 1.092 GHz. The large RL suggests that the composition Ba0.9La0.05Na0.05Fe10Co0.5TiMn0.5O19 could be a potential contender for microwave absorbing material.


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  1. 1.Department of Electronics TechnologyGuru Nanak Dev UniversityAmritsarIndia
  2. 2.D.A.V. Institute of Engineering and TechnologyJalandharIndia

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