Synthesis and luminescence properties of Eu3+-doped a novel double perovskite Sr2YTaO6 phosphor

  • Chao Wei
  • Denghui XuEmail author
  • Jinling Li
  • Aicong Geng
  • Xiong Li
  • Jiayue Sun


A novel Sr2Y1−xTaO6:xEu3+ (x = 0.04–0.20) red-emitting phosphor was synthesized by using the conventional solid-state reaction method. The crystal structure, photoluminescence properties, thermal stability and decay lifetimes were investigated in detail. Upon near UV light excitation, this sample exhibited a strong red emission peak centered at 612 nm due to 5D0 → 7F2, which indicated that Eu3+ occupies low symmetry sites within the Sr2YTaO6 host lattice. The optimized doping concentration of Eu3+ ion is about 12 mol%. The excellent thermal stability of Sr2YTaO6:Eu3+ phosphor was tested according to the temperature dependent emission spectra. In addition, the Sr2Y1−xEuxTaO6 phosphors exhibited good color coordinate (0.6076, 0.3879) and high color purity about 84.55%. All results indicated that the Sr2Y1−xTaO6:xEu3+ phosphors can serve as an efficient red phosphor in the white light emitting diodes.



This work was supported by Scientific Research Ability Promotion Plan of Graduate Student of Beijing Technology and Business University; National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 21576002 and 61705003).


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