Synthesis, energy transfer, charge compensation and luminescence properties of CaZrO3:Eu3+, Bi3+, Li+ phosphor

  • Renping CaoEmail author
  • Hui Xiao
  • Falin Zhang
  • Xinyu Cheng
  • Lei Su
  • Fen Xiao
  • Zhiyang Luo
  • Ting ChenEmail author


A series of CaZrO3:Bi3+, CaZrO3:Eu3+, CaZrO3:Eu3+, Bi3+, and CaZrO3:Eu3+, Bi3+, Li+ phosphors are synthesized by high-temperature solid-state reaction method in air. Their luminescence properties are researched, compared, and analyzed. CaZrO3:Bi3+ phosphor under excitation at 310 nm emits deep-blue light with chromaticity coordinate (0.1612, 0.0254). CaZrO3:Eu3+ phosphor under excitation at 310 and 395 nm shows red-emitting with chromaticity coordinate (0.6386, 0.3611). CaZrO3:Eu3+, Bi3+ phosphor under excitation at 310 nm exhibits a systematically varied hue from deep-blue to red light by changing Eu3+ ion concentration, and that with excitation at 395 nm only emits red light with chromaticity coordinate (0.6386, 0.3611). The energy transfer process from Bi3+ to Eu3+ ions may be indicated by their spectral properties. The optimal Eu3+ and Bi3+ ions concentrations are 5 mol% and 0.9 mol%, respectively. The emission intensity CaZrO3:Eu3+, Bi3+ phosphor may be enhanced about 1.6 times due to the co-doping Li+ ion as charge compensator role. The luminous mechanism of CaZrO3:Eu3+, Bi3+ phosphor is explained by the simplified energy level diagrams of Bi3+ and Eu3+ ions.



This work was financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 51862015 and 51562011), National Undergraduate Training Program for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (No. 201810419019).


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  1. 1.College of Mathematics and PhysicsJinggangshan UniversityJi’anChina
  2. 2.College of Mechanical Manufacture and AutomationJinggangshan UniversityJi’anChina

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