Magnetic and microwave absorption properties of W-type nanoferrite in X and Ku band

  • F. Z. MohammadEmail author
  • J. J. Siddiqui
  • K. Ali
  • H. Arshad
  • M. Mudsar
  • A. Ijaz


The W-type hexagonal nano ferrites (Ba0.8Al0.2Co0.9Zn1.1Fe19O27) were prepared by a modified sol–gel combustion method. The structural, morphological, magnetic and electromagnetic absorption properties were investigated, using different experimental techniques. The crystal structure, crystallite size and identification of phase were obtained from X-ray diffraction analysis. The SEM image revealed the spherical morphology of particles with nanosize dimensions. Moreover, the magnetic properties such as coercivity (Hc), saturation magnetization (Ms) and blocking temperature (TB) of prepared ferrite nanoparticles were obtained by (VSM). The hysteresis loop was measured at ± 20 kOe, which showed an increase in coercivity (Hc = 287 kOe) and decrease in saturation magnetization (MS). The reflection loss (RL) properties were measured as a function of frequency between 2 and 18 GHz. The RL curve showed 90% absorption, from 9.62 to 13.29 GHz (X-Band) and 12.8–18 GHz (Ku Band) at a coating thickness of 1 and 1.5 mm respectively.


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    Email author
  • J. J. Siddiqui
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  • K. Ali
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  • H. Arshad
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  • M. Mudsar
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