Investigations on electrical and energy storage behaviour of PZN-PT, PMN-PT, PZN–PMN-PT piezoelectric solid solutions

  • Rajesh Narayana PerumalEmail author
  • Venkatraj Athikesavan


Electrical response and energy storage behaviour of PZN-PT, PMN-PT, PZN–PMN-PT (PZN-PbZnl/3Nb2/3O3, PMN-PbMg1/3Nb2/3O3 and PT-PbTiO3) solid solutions were investigated. SEM micrographs of the sample showed grains of unequal sizes distributed throughout the sample. The average grain size observed was about 0.77 μm for PZN-PT, 0.93 for PMN-PT and 1.82 for PZN–PMN-PT solid solutions. All the solid solutions exhibited good dielectric relaxation behaviour up to 500 °C in the frequency range of 1–2 MHz. The solid solutions showed improved ferroelectric properties (Pr ~ 17.4 μC cm−2, Ec ~ 3.65 kV cm−1, Pm ~ 20.1 μC cm−2 for PZN-PT) and crossover from nonergodic to ergodic relaxor phase with respect to temperature. The optimum piezoelectric coefficients, the piezoelectric voltage coefficients of the solid solutions were also studied. P–E loop analysis confirmed high energy storage density (W) of 0.25 J cm−3 at 50 kV cm−1 for PZN–PMN-PT which substantiates its wide use in capacitor applications.



The authors would like to thank the Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi for the financial support for the Project ref-SR/S2/CMP/117/2012. The authors acknowledge the Department of Physics, NIT, and Tiruchirappalli for multiferroic testing.


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