Preparation and optical characterization of PbWO4 nanocrystals from mechanical alloying process

  • Debesh Devadutta MishraEmail author
  • Ke Li
  • Guolong TanEmail author


This study presents the fabrication of PbWO4 nanoparticles using PbO and WO3 of designed molar ratio as the starting materials by mechanical alloying in atmospheric conditions. The impact energy of the SPEX ball milling machine provided the energy difference to form the PbWO4 through the mechanochemical process. The milled nanocrystals showcase single-phase product with particle sizes in the range of 3–10 nm. The UV–Vis-NIR spectra provide the direct band gap of 3.82 eV.



The authors acknowledge the financial support from the Open Fund of State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing (Wuhan University of Technology) under the contract No. 2016-KF-15, National Science Foundation of China under the contract of 21476179.

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There is no conflict within the authors for the submission.


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