A cataluminescence sensor based on α-MoO3 nanobelts with low working temperature for the detection of diethyl ether

  • YanZhong Zhen
  • HongMei Zhang
  • Feng Fu
  • YanTu Zhang


A novel cataluminescence (CTL) sensor was firstly fabricated utilizing α-MoO3 nanobelts as sensing material, which possesses lower working temperature of 120 °C for detection of diethyl ether gas. Under optimal conditions (200 mL min−1, 120 °C, 440 nm), as-made CTL sensor shows a wider detection range of 9.0–2000 ppm with a lower limit of detection of 7.5 ppm. The respond and recovery time were 16 s and within 2 s, respectively. Meanwhile, as-made CTL sensor exhibits an outstanding selectivity towards other 11 interferences. Besides, the highly stable signals were also obtained with the relative standard deviation of 2.60%. In general, α-MoO3 nanobelts as a sensing material have the potential application prospect in CTL sensor for detection of diethyl ether.



This work was supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (21663030), The Project of Science & Technology Office of Shaanxi Province (Nos. 2016DDJC-19, 2015GY174, 2015SF291, 2013K11-08, 2013SZS20-P01), The Project of Science & Technology of Yan’an City (2016CGZH-12-01, 2015CHTD-04), Science and Technology Plan Project of Yan’an University (YD2015-13) and Innovation Training Project (YCX201734, 12288, 1553).


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Chemical Reaction EngineeringYanan UniversityYan’anChina
  2. 2.School of Petroleum Engineering and Environmental EngineeringYanan UniversityYan’anChina

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