Effects of Si/B ratios on glass structure, crystallization and dielectric properties of CaO–SiO2–B2O3 glasses

  • Jiao HanEmail author
  • Peijia Bai
  • Yiming ZengEmail author
  • Mingwei Li


The glass structure, crystallization and dielectric properties of CaO–SiO2–B2O3 glasses with varying Si/B ratios (with constant Si/Ca ratio) have been investigated in this work. The density experimental results of glasses showed that the densities increased firstly and then decreased with the increasing Si/B ratios. The molar volumes of glasses increased slightly while oxygen densities of glasses decreased with the increasing of Si/B ratios. The FT-IR results of glasses revealed that the amounts of BIV units decreased while the (SiO4) tetrahedron increased with the increasing Si/B ratios. The DSC showed that the glass transition temperature Tg increased from 743 to 757 °C with increasing Si/B ratio. The crystallization activation energies (E) for CaSiO3 and CaB2O4 first increased until Si/B = 2.1 and then decreased slightly with the increasing Si/B ratio. For glass–ceramics samples sintered at 820 °C, all samples had the crystalline phases of CaSiO3 and CaB2O4 phases. The glass–ceramics sample with Si/B = 1.5 had the lowest dielectric constant εr = 4.8.



This work was supported by the fund of the Basic Applied Research Foundation of Yunnan Province (Grant No. 2016FD125, 2016FB083), Key New Product Project of Yunnan Province (Grant No.2016BA009), Research Project of The National Key laboratory of Chinese academy of sciences (Grant No. KLIFMD201605).


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  1. 1.State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technologies for Comprehensive Utilization of Platinum MetalsKunming Institute of Precious MetalsKunmingPeople’s Republic of China

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