Large scale synthesis of uniform Au–Co alloy and multilayer nanowires using electrochemical deposition and their characterization

  • Sanjeev Kumar


Highly ordered, well-aligned, and dense Au–Co alloy and multilayer nanowires were synthesized using template based electro-deposition technique. The single potential was used during electro-deposition of Au–Co alloy nanowires, while for multilayer Au–Co nanowires, pulsed electro-deposition technique was used. Their morphological studies have been carried out using scanning electron microscopy. Elemental composition of template synthesized nanowires has been studied by energy dispersive X-ray analysis. The X-ray diffraction study revealed the crystalline structure of template synthesized nanowires. Magnetic properties of the nanowires have been investigated using vibrating sample magnetometer. Au–Co multilayer nanowires showed enhanced magnetization in comparison to Au–Co alloy nanowires. Au–Co multilayer nanowires may act as potential candidate for data storage applications.


Anodic Alumina Membrane Nanoimprint Lithography Electrodeposition Technique Single Potential Magnetic Nanowires 
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