Energy-storage performance of PbO–B2O3–SiO2 added (Pb0.92Ba0.05La0.02)(Zr0.68Sn0.27Ti0.05)O3 antiferroelectric ceramics prepared by microwave sintering method

  • Liming Chen
  • Xihong HaoEmail author
  • Qiwei Zhang
  • Shengli An


In this work, (Pb0.92Ba0.05La0.02)(Zr0.68Sn0.27Ti0.05)O3 (PBLZST) antiferroelectric (AFE) ceramics with the addition of PbO–B2O3–SiO2 raw glass powder as sintering aid were prepared via the microwave sintering method. The effects of glass content on the electrical properties and energy-storage performance of the ceramics were investigated in detail. With the glass content increasing, dielectric constant of the ceramics gradually decreased, while the breakdown strength increased. A maximum recoverable energy-storage density was about 2.3 J/cm3 and the corresponding efficiency was about 76.8 % to be achieved in the ceramics with 3-wt% glass at room temperature. The energy density of the PBLZST AFE ceramic with 3-wt% glass is 1.3 times as that (1.8 J/cm3) of the pure specimens. These results indicated that the energy-storage performance of AFE ceramics could be improved by adding proper glass and selecting novel sintering method.


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The authors would like to acknowledge the financial support from the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University, the Natural Science Foundation of Inner Mongolia (2015JQ04), the Program for Young Talents of Science and Technology in Universities of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the Grassland Talent Plan of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the Innovation Fund of Inner Monglia University of Science and Technology No. 2014QNGG01.


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