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Dielectric and magnetic properties of DyMnO3 ceramics

  • S. Samantaray
  • B. K. RoulEmail author


This paper reports the dielectric and magnetic properties of DyMnO3 (DMO) ceramics sintered at 1,100 and 1,350 °C temperature for 10 h. Sample sintered at 1,100 °C showed presence of secondary phases of Dy2O3 whereas the monophasic orthorhombic structure of DyMnO3 sample is synthesized only at sintering temperature of 1,350 °C. The dielectric properties of the sintered sample of DMO were investigated as a function of temperature (T ≥ 300 K) and frequency (10 kHz–1 MHz). Both the sintered samples showed frequency independent dielectric anomaly at 313 K. These samples exhibited ferroelectric behavior at room temperature which was evidenced from the polarization hysteresis loop measurement. No magnetic transition has been observed at room temperature. However, magnetic field dependent magnetization and temperature dependent magnetization showed the paramagnetic behavior of the DyMnO3 samples.


Manganite Sintered Sample Dy2O3 Saturation Polarization Dependent Magnetization 
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Author S. Samantaray greatfully acknowledged the research facilities received from the Institute of Materials Science, Bhubaneswar.


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  1. 1.Institute of Materials SciencePlanetarium BuildingBhubaneswarIndia

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