Diffusion and growth mechanism of phases in the Pd-Sn system

  • Raju Ravi
  • Aloke PaulEmail author


Growth mechanism of phases and atomic mechanism of diffusion are discussed in the Pd-Sn system. The Kirkendall marker plane location indicates that the PdSn4 phase grows because of diffusion of Sn. Atomic arrangement in the crystal indicates that Sn can diffuse through its own sublattice but Pd cannot diffuse unless antisites are present. The negligible diffusion of Pd indicates the absence of Pd antisites. The activation energy value indicates that the contribution from grain boundary diffusion cannot be neglected although experiments were conducted in the homologous temperature range of 0.7–0.79.


Boundary Diffusion Lattice Diffusion Under Bump Metallization Growth Exponent Interdiffusion Zone 
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