Two-dimensional nanoparticle arrays formed by dewetting of thin gold films deposited on pre-patterned substrates

  • Dong WangEmail author
  • Peter Schaaf


We demonstrate the formation of accurate 2D gold nanoparticle arrays via solid-state dewetting on a pre-patterned substrate. The annealing-induced dewetting of Au film on both flat and pre-patterned SiO2 substrates is investigated. The pre-patterned structures affect clearly the formation of nanoparticles, and there is a depth effect of the pre-patterned grooves on the formation of nanoparticles during dewetting. Especially in pre-patterned areas with deep grid grooves (depth 150 nm) there is almost one single particle formed in the flat areas of every unit square, thus resulting in a very periodic 2D structure of gold nanoparticles.


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The authors thank Mr. Joachim Döll from the Department of Micromechanical Systems at Ilmenau University of Technology for deposition of Au films.


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  1. 1.Department of Materials for Electronics, Institute of Materials Engineering and Institute of Micro- and Nanotechnologies MacroNano®Ilmenau University of TechnologyIlmenauGermany

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