Characterization of optical, electrical and structural properties of silverphthalocyanine thin films

  • O. P. JaseenthaEmail author
  • C. S. Menon


Silverphthalocyanine thin films are deposited on to glass substrates by thermal evaporation technique. Optical data have been obtained from both absorption and reflectivity spectra over the wavelength range 350–900 nm. The absorption coefficient α and extinction coefficient k are estimated from the spectrum. The mechanism of optical absorption follows the rule of direct transition. Using α and k, the refractive index and the dielectric constants are determined. Electrical conductivity studies are done at different substrate temperatures and using the Arrhenius plot the activation energy in the intrinsic region and impurity region is estimated. From the X-ray diffractograms of AgPc thin films subjected to heat treatments the variation of grain size is also studied. The scanning electron microscopy images are taken to study the surface morphology of the films. Silver phthalocyanine thin film is expected to find application in the fabrication of organic transistors and LED devices.


Substrate Temperature Phthalocyanine Fundamental Absorption Edge High Substrate Temperature Thermal Activation Energy 
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Absorption coefficient alpha

Photon energy




Extinction coefficient




Refractive index


Real dielectric constant


Imaginary dielectric constant

kb in 3.26

Boltzmann constant


Electrical conductivity


Eta-width of strongest peak



We extend our sincere feeling of gratitude to Government of India, State Government of Kerala and Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha for the award of fellowship under FIP of UGC to complete this work.


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