Temperature effects on the electrical conductivity of thiol encapsulated gold nanoparticle thin films

  • Nicholas Jon HardyEmail author
  • Marcus D. Hanwell
  • Tim H. Richardson


Presented in this paper are results demonstrating the irreversibility in conductivity changes seen for thin, Langmuir–Schaeffer deposited thiol encapsulated gold nanoparticle films raised to a high temperature. The conductivity changes from low values that rapidly increase at higher temperature, to values that remain high and are almost linear with temperature. Comparisons are made to the expected behavior predicted by the conventional model of electron hopping in metal nanoparticle films.


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The Authors would like to thank Dr Frank Grunfeld of Nima Technology Ltd. for funding a Ph.D. studentship (NJH).


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  • Nicholas Jon Hardy
    • 1
    Email author
  • Marcus D. Hanwell
    • 1
  • Tim H. Richardson
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  1. 1.Physics and AstronomyThe University of SheffieldSheffieldUK

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