Ab initio investigation of boron diffusion paths in germanium



Boron is observed to diffuse very slowly in germanium, as opposed to its behaviour in silicon where it exhibits Transient Enhanced Diffusion effects in implanted samples. As a result of this slow diffusion, boron is a very stable dopant, allowing devices to be created with very well-defined doping regions. To understand this superior performance, calculations were performed on a variety of boron diffusion paths, within vacancy and interstitial mediated methods. It was found that the vacancy mediated diffusion which is associated with the fast diffusion of many other species in germanium exhibits a total barrier of 5.8 eV. Interstitial-mediated diffusion had a total barrier for migration of 3.4 eV in the neutral and singly negative charge states, 3.2 eV for the positive charge state, but a formation barrier of 4.1 eV. Thus the barrier for interstitial-mediated diffusion is dominated by the formation energy of the self-interstitial.


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  3. 3.School of Natural SciencesUniversity of Newcastle upon TyneNewcastle upon TyneUK

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