H2O2 decomposition catalyzed by strontium cobaltites and their application in Rhodamine B degradation in aqueous medium

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The catalytic activities of three topotactic phase strontium cobaltites (SCO, hexagonal, orthorhombic and tetragonal) for H2O2 decomposition were studied. All they present excellent catalytic activity with good stability at cycled test, and the mesoporous tetragonal SCO exhibits the best activity. Detailed kinetic research indicates the zero-order process of H2O2 decomposition. Increasing the temperature will accelerate the reactions greatly with the controlled temperature in the range of 20–45 °C. The calculated active energy (Ea) for H-SCO, O-SCO and T-SCO is 93.2, 85.1 and 87.5 (kJ/mol), respectively. The efficient catalytic degradation of Rhodamine B illustrates that SCO is a kind of promising catalysis for the advanced oxidation process.

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This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 61671206), Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Action Plan (No. 17JC1402500) and Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai (No. 18ZR1410900).

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