Journal of Materials Science

, Volume 48, Issue 19, pp 6818–6824 | Cite as

Density and viscosity of ternary Cr–Fe–Ni liquid alloys

  • Hidekazu Kobatake
  • Jürgen Brillo


The density and viscosity of ternary Cr–Fe–Ni liquid alloys have been investigated over a wide temperature range. The density was measured using electromagnetic levitation as a container-less technique, while viscosity was measured by means of a high-temperature oscillating cup viscometer. Although, the concentration dependence of density shows the influence of the second order (binary) interaction parameter in excess volume, the influence of a third order (ternary) interaction parameter in excess volume can be neglected. The temperature dependences of the viscosities are well described by the Arrhenius law. The viscosity increases monotonically as Fe or Cr concentration increases. For constant temperature, the viscosity as a function of iron molar faction can be described by a thermodynamic model using the enthalpy of mixing as input parameter.


Molar Volume Liquidus Temperature Excess Volume Binary Interaction Parameter Electromagnetic Levitation 
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Authors are grateful to Professor Dr. Dieter Herlach for a critical review of this study and his valuable suggestions. One of the authors (H. K.) is grateful to the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD for financial support (A/11/94004).


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  1. 1.Institut für Materialphysik im Weltraum, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und RaumfahrtCologneGermany

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