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, Volume 47, Issue 10, pp 4236–4250 | Cite as

Carbon fibres from cellulosic precursors: a review

  • Ahu Gümrah Dumanlı
  • Alan H. WindleEmail author


The focus of this review is primarily on the sequence of structural changes at micro and molecular level during carbonization of cellulosic fibres. The influence of various operational parameters such as the pyrolytic temperature and the stabilization agents also discussed as is the effect of the initial properties of the cellulose fibre on the final properties of the carbon fibre.


Carbon Fibre Bacterial Cellulose Cellulose Fibre Fibre Axis Activate Carbon Fibre 
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Alternative current


Activated carbon fibre


Bacterial cellulose


Carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy


Carbon fibre


Carbon nanotube


Cross polarized magic angle spinning


Chemical shift anisotropy


Direct current


Degree of polymerization


Fourier transform infra-red spectroscopy


Heat treatment temperature


Multi wall carbon nanotube


Tensile strength unit expressed in force divided by linear density which is numerically equivalent to Gpa/specific gravity






Scanning electron microscope


Scanning tunneling microscopy


Single wall carbon nanotube


Linear density unit which is equal to the grams per kilometre of material


Thermal gravimetric analysis


X-ray diffraction



The authors wish to thank Dr Ian Graveson of SAPPI (South African Paper and Pulp Industry) for his advice and support, Dr S. Eichhorn for helpful discussions and SAPPI for funding.


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