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Evolution of the microstructure and mechanical properties of eutectic Fe30Ni20Mn35Al15



The microstructure of the eutectic alloy Fe30Ni20Mn35Al15 (in at.%) was modified by cooling at different rates from 1623 K, i.e., above the eutectic temperature. The lamellar spacing decreased with increasing cooling rate, and in water-quenched specimens lamellae widths of ~100 nm were obtained. The orientation relationship between the fcc and B2 lamellae was found to be sensitive to the cooling rate. In a drop-cast alloy the Kurdjumov–Sachs orientation relationship dominated, whereas the orientation relationship in an arc-melted alloy with a faster cooling rate was \( {\text{fcc}}\left( {\bar{1}12} \right)//{\text{B2}}\left( {0 1 1} \right);\;{\text{fcc}}\left[ {1\bar{1}1} \right]//{\text{B2 }}\left[ {1\bar{1}1} \right] \,{\text{and}}\,{\text{fcc}}\left( {0\bar{1}1} \right)//{\text{B2}}\left( {00 1} \right);{\text{ fcc}}\left[ {0 1 1} \right]//{\text{B2}}\left[ {\bar{1}\bar{1}0} \right] \). The hardness increased with microstructural refinement, obeying a Hall–Petch-type relationship. The strength of the alloy decreased significantly above 600 K due to softening of the B2 phase.


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  2. 2.Department of Materials Science and EngineeringNorthwestern UniversityEvanstonUSA

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