Journal of Materials Science

, Volume 45, Issue 20, pp 5425–5455 | Cite as

Fabrication of ceramic components with hierarchical porosity

  • Paolo ColomboEmail author
  • Cekdar Vakifahmetoglu
  • Stefano Costacurta


This article reviews different methodologies for the fabrication of monolithic ceramic components possessing multiscale porosity, i.e., with pores ranging from a few nanometers to several hundred microns. Two main strategies have been discussed: (a) the assembling of micro/mesoporous materials into components possessing also macropores; (b) the addition of micro/mesoporosity to macroporous, cellular monoliths. Both routes include one-pot and multi-step processing routes, and yield components with different properties in terms, for instance, of specific surface area values, mechanical strength, and permeability to fluids. The wide range of processing approaches available enable the fabrication of components with very varied morphology, suitable for a variety of industrial applications.


Foam Zeolite Block Copolymer Cordierite Colloidal Crystal 
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Body-centered cubic


Brunauer, Emmett, Teller (theory for the physical adsorption of gas molecules on a surface used for the determination of SSA)


Catalyst-assisted pyrolysis


Catalytic chemical vapor deposition


Carbide-derived carbon


Critical micellar concentration


Carbon nanofiber


Carbon nanotube


Cetyltrimethylammonium bromide


Chemical vapor deposition




Evaporation-induced self assembly


Pluronic block copolymer: PEO106-PPO70-PEO106


Face-centered cubic




Mesostructured cellular foam




Pluronic block copolymer: PEO20-PPO70-PEO20


Pulsed current processing




Poly(ethylene glycol)


Poly(ethylene oxide)


Periodic mesoporous organosilica


Poly(propylene oxide)






Reticulated vitreous carbon


Scanning electron microscopy


Specific surface area (typical units: m2/g)


Transmission electron microscopy


Tetraethoxysilane (tetraethyl orthosilicate)


True liquid crystal templating




Tetramethoxysilane (tetramethyl orthosilicate)


Tetrapropylammonium hydroxide


Titanium tetraisopropoxide




Water-in-oil (emulsion)


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