Journal of Materials Science

, Volume 44, Issue 10, pp 2637–2646 | Cite as

Influence of platinum nano-particles on the photocatalytic activity of sol–gel derived TiO2 films

  • D. Riassetto
  • C. Holtzinger
  • M. LangletEmail author


Different 1-step or 2-step photo-platinization methods have been implemented to load sol–gel TiO2 photocatalytic thin films with platinum nano-particles. These methods enable flexible variations in the amount of loaded particles, and they strongly influence the structure and size of these particles and the morphology of derived platinized films. The photocatalytic activity of platinized films has been studied. It is shown that optimal platinization conditions allow envisaging thin film photocatalysts with enhanced properties. Best performances are reached when the films are loaded with platinum particles for 30 or 60 min using a 1-step platinization method, which yields photocatalytic activities about 4 times greater than that of non-platinized films. Photocatalytic activity differences induced by the 1-step or 2-step photo-platinization methods are discussed in relation to the amount of loaded platinum together with structural and morphological features.


Photocatalytic Activity TiO2 Film Platinum Particle Platinum Concentration Platinized Film 
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