Journal of Materials Science

, Volume 44, Issue 8, pp 1977–1986 | Cite as

Effect of impurities on characteristics of ZrO2 and ZnO ceramic powders produced by spray pyrolysis

  • N. Jakic
  • J. Gregory
  • M. Eslamian
  • N. AshgrizEmail author


Previously it was observed that addition of impurities to a precursor solution may alter the size and morphology of the particles produced by spray pyrolysis. To investigate this further, the spray pyrolysis technique was used to prepare zirconia (ZrO2) and zinc oxide (ZnO) ceramic powders, with addition of slight amounts of NaCl in various concentrations. The results show an increase in the percentage of nondisrupted particles which corresponds to an increase in the weight percentage of NaCl in the precursor in ZrO2 powder produced at 400 °C. This effect is not repeated in ZnO powder produced at 400 °C, as the addition of NaCl to the precursor results in the disruption of individual particles into much smaller particles. As far as the morphology and strength of particles are concerned, it is concluded that the addition of NaCl to the precursor solution has a beneficiary effect on the morphology of ZrO2 particles and an adverse effect on ZnO particles, both of which are negated at a higher reactor temperature of 600 °C.


Precursor Solution Spray Pyrolysis Zinc Oxide Zinc Nitrate Hollow Particle 


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