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, Volume 43, Issue 18, pp 6081–6086 | Cite as

Coupling kinetic dislocation model and Monte Carlo algorithm for recrystallized microstructure modeling of severely deformed copper

  • M. KazeminezhadEmail author
  • E. Hosseini


By coupling a kinetic dislocation model and Monte Carlo algorithm, the recrystallized microstructure of severely deformed Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper (OFHC) is predicted at different strains imposed by Equal-Channel-Angular-Pressing (ECAP) and annealing temperatures. From a flow field model, the strain rate distribution during the ECAP of the material in a curved die is calculated. Then using the kinetic dislocation model, the total dislocation density and correspondingly the stored energy after each ECAP pass is estimated. Utilizing the Monte Carlo algorithm and the stored energy, the recrystallized microstructure is predicted. The results show that the recrystallized grain size is decreased rapidly from the strain of first to fourth pass and then it is decreased slowly. Also, it is achieved that with increasing the annealing temperature, the grain size is increased. Moreover, a good agreement is observed between the predicted results and experimental data.


Severe Plastic Deformation Monte Carlo Algorithm Subgrain Size Fourth Pass ECAP Process 



The authors wish to thank the research board of Sharif University of Technology for the financial support and the provision of the research facilities used for this work.


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  1. 1.Department of Materials Science and EngineeringSharif University of TechnologyTehranIran

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