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, Volume 43, Issue 13, pp 4475–4482 | Cite as

Retardation of grain growth and cavitation by an electric field during superplastic deformation of ultrafine-grained 3Y-TZP at 1,450–1,600 °C

  • Di Yang
  • Hans Conrad


The influence of a continuous dc electric field applied orthogonal to the tensile direction on the flow stress, grain growth, and cavitation during superplastic deformation (SPD) of ultrafine-grained 3Y-TZP at 1,450–1,600 °C was determined. The field gave a significant reduction in the level of the stress-strain curve, and reduced grain growth and cavitation. The decrease in flow stress by the field was attributed mainly to the retardation of grain growth. The decrease in cavitation correlated with the retardation of grain growth and was attributed largely to the reduction in flow stress by the field.


Cavitation Flow Stress Superplastic Deformation Sintered Specimen Point Counting Technique 



This research was supported by the US Army Research Laboratory and the US Army Research Office under Grant Nos. DAAH04-94G-0311 and DAA19-02-1-0315 with Drs. W. Simmons and W. Mullins, respectively, as contract monitors. The authors wish to thank Rachel Wolfe for typing the manuscript and Stephen Starnes for preparing the illustrations.


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  1. 1.Materials Science and Engineering DepartmentNorth Carolina State UniversityRaleighUSA

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