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Gamma ray interaction with copper-doped sodium phosphate glasses

  • Fatma Hatem El-BatalEmail author


Copper-doped sodium phosphate glasses of various compositions and with varying copper contents were prepared. UV-visible and infrared spectroscopic studies were measured before and after successive gamma irradiation. Experimental results indicate that copper ions occupy different local sites depending on the host glass composition and concentration of copper ions. The changes in UV, visible and infrared spectral data, are discussed in relation to the structural evolution caused by the change in composition and states of copper ions. Copper ions have been found to show a shielding behavior toward the effects of progressive gamma irradiation causing a retardation of the growth of the induced defects caused by irradiation.


Cu2O Gamma Irradiation Phosphate Glass Infrared Absorption Spectrum Metaphosphate 
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  1. 1.Glass Research DepartmentNational Research CentreDokki, CairoEgypt

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